Introduction to the History of Selective Protection

Author: Walter Schossig, Germany


Walter Schossig (VDE) was born in Arnsdorf (now Czech Republic) in 1941. He studied at the school for electrical engineering in Zittau (Germany). After his graduation in 1961 he joined an utility in the southern part of the former Eastern Germany. After the German reunion the utility was renamed as TEAG, now E.ON Thueringer Energie AG in Erfurt. There he received his Masters degree and worked as a protection engineer until his early retirement. He was a member of different study groups for protection relays and German associations as VDEW and DKE. Up to today he is an active member of the working group "Medium Voltage Relaying" at the German VDE. He is the author of several papers and guidelines and wrote the German book "Power System Protection". He works on a chronicle about the history of electricity supply, with emphasis on protection relays and control systems.

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