Introduction to the History of Selective Protection

Author: Walter Schossig, Germany

Pioneers of Protection Technology

The upcoming series of articles will mention the devices, techniques and protection philosophies of many pioneers of PAC protection. For example, names synonymous with protection such as Buchholz, Täuber, Pfannkuch, Cleveland, Merz-Price, Bütow, Westinghouse, Kuhlmann, Biermanns and Paul Meyer will be discussed.

We will consider Petersen coil and Bauch's neutral earthing transformer, the paradox of Bauch, Bollinger's switches, Horn's annunciator, Stotz's mini circuit breaker; Scharf's triangle and the Poleck circuit.
There are many other people whose achievements in PAC history and development warrant a mention and indeed those whose achievements should be honored. We look forward to receiving suggestions and contributions from our readers to augment the information that we have collated.

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