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Capacitor Bank Protection and Control System

GE Multilin's C70 Capacitor Bank Protection and Control System is based on the well-established and proven UR platform. Today, shunt capacitor banks play an increasingly vital role in blackout prevention and reactive support.  Protecting this equipment has historically involved complex, custom protection schemes consisting of multiple products that rarely addressed the inherent system and ban... More

First IEC 61850 Compliant Test Device

OMICRON electronics introduced the first device that allows functional testing of protection relays or other IEDs that are compliant with the IEC 61850 communications protocol. The CMC 256 NET-1 Option provides a new way of communication between a computer and the test set. It replaces the parallel interface and supports the control of multiple test sets with only one computer. GOOSE messages can ... More

Full IEC 61850 compliance in substation automation

The Station Automation Series COM 600 provides superior interoperability  and data exchange between industrial or utility IEDs and local or higher level systems.The series consists of three products: COM 605 with a local or remote HMI, the COM 610 communications gateway for remote connectivity and the COM 615 substation computer combining local HMI and communication gateway functions in the s... More

MiCOM Px40 Series Multifunction Protection IEDs

AREVA T&D Automation announced further significant steps in the completion of its MiCOM Px40 series.  The latest models incorporate an intuitive front panel HMI, for simple control of circuit breakers and switching devices, and for in/out selection of theuser's own test and control features.  LEDs are tri-state colored for annunciation, and high speed/high break relay contacts are rated ... More

New paralleling device for applications requiring high reliability

The new Siemens SIPROTEC 7VE63 paralleling device is a multifunction relay used for paralleling large generators or power systems, which require high reliability. Its unique 2-channel measurement method and hardware design guarantees secure paralleling. Two independent measurement methods, algorithms and trip circuits must all concur to allow secure operation. The unit has superior control and mon... More

New teleprotection terminal

The use of the most advanced technology together with DIMAT's wide experience in digital and analog teleprotection terminals have resulted in the new universal teleprotection terminal type TPU-1.The modular design of TPU-1 terminals allows the use of different types of modules according to the teleprotection needs of each application. This allows it to manage one or two digital and/or analog chann... More

Novel Relay Protection Systems for Electric Arc Furnace Power Transformers

Cooper Power Systems developed advanced relay protection systems for electric arc furnace (EAF) power transformers that incorporate Rogowski coil (RC) current sensors and multifunction relays. In the past, differential protection schemes were not applied on EAF transformers due to the difficulty in providing conventional iron-core current transformers (CTs) of sufficient rating for the conductors ... More

PG&E/EPRI Protection and Control Workshop

The electric power industry is going through a period of increased performance requirements during system events and wide area disturbances, combined with the availability of new communications and advanced measuring and protections functions. The successful implementation of these new technologies is only possible when there is a good understanding of the problems that the industry faces, the exp... More

Phasor measurements now available in distribution relays

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) announced that the SEL-351 family of distribution relays now includes built in synchrophasor measurement technology. The synchrophasor capability in SEL-351 relays is also compatible with SEL synchroWAVe (tm) Software and the SEL-3306 Synchrophasor Processor. SEL-5077 synchroWAVe Server Software and the SEL-3306 time-correlate synchrophasor data from... More

Toshiba distance protection with IEC 61850

The Toshiba GRZ100 distance protection meets the functional and performance requirements of the IEC 61850 standard implemented in a software environment and hardware architecture that will support future technological progress.The relay certified by KEMA in July 2006 demonstrated the high performance achieved for GOOSE messaging and is the first of several Toshiba IEC 61850 products with transform... More

Technology News

Large-Scale Molecular Memory

UCLA and Caltech chemists report the creation of large-scale molecular memory, an important step toward building molecular computers. The electric power industry has a keen interest in all improvements to the technology of computation. Developments augmenting the speed and fault tolerance of integrated circuits hastens the reality of the vision many of us have, of a power system capable of asses... More

New World Record Achieved in Solar Cell Technology

New Solar Cell Breaks the "40 Percent Efficient" Sunlight-to-Electricity Barrier Based on DOE Press Release, pictures courtesy Spectrolab (a Boeing company) The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced that with DOE funding, a concentrator solar cell produced by Boeing-Spectrolab has recently achieved a world-record conversion efficiency of 40.7 percent, establishing a new milestone in ... More

The super computers are here

Author: Jeff Bronfeld What exactly makes a computer super? In our industry we are used to measuring things in Kva and Mva, horse power, voltage, PSI, degrees Celsius. But our highly integrated power systems are depending more and more on computational "power", which is measured in flops. (Hey, don't laugh, we measure things in darafs, a unit of electrical elastance, the reciprocal of farads.) F... More


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