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Please send Tutorial on Protection, Substation Automation, Communications, Testing of Protection, IEC 61850 and Fault & Disturbance Analysis.
I.E Hernan Giraldo

PAC World: Dear I.E., we are not a distributor of any books, CDs, DVDs, etc. On the web site there is a Tutorial section, where we intend to post tutorials and white papers on many issues of interest. It is up to our readers to share their knowledge with the rest of the industry.

While searching for real world customer deployment of IEC 61850, I happen to run into your web site and I am very impressed with the content and quality.  There isn't a "whole lot" (information overload) but whatever is there is pure technical/useful/ real world content - please keep the web site this way. I would love to spread the good word about your site and explore contributing to a column for Network and Communication focus- to include hardened wired and wireless Ethernet, optical communication for substation automation and the work I am doing in designing network architectures to support IEC 61850 and IEEE C37.118 deployment.
A User hit stats by geography would be a useful aid for users like me who have a global role. You can place this in the bottom corner. A web master should be able to slap this.
Pradeep Kumar, IEC 61850 Evangelist

PAC World:
Dear Pradeeep, we encourage you, as well as all our readers, to become contributors. Please send an e-mail to editor@pacw.org with your contribution or a list of subjects that you can submit

The PAC world magazine is really an excellent effort for educating all protection and automation professionals and to keep them aware of latest trends in technology. This is really best for the utilities and manufacturers. I will be grateful, if you can tell me about software for load flow studies, short circuit calculations, relay co-ordination... etc.
Vikas Marwah

PAC World:
Dear Vikas, the Spring 2008 issue of PAC World will have as a main theme analysis, coordination, modeling...

Please advise us briefly on the practice/experience or if it is included in any future plans in the electricity company of your country or any other customer, concerning remote access of protection relays, fault recorders and data recorders, for fault analysis, fault statistics and power quality assessment purposes.
The question is whether it is established a wide area alarming and supervising system, by which from a central evaluation center all data, alarms, fault recordings etc from protection is collected enabling the timely fault diagnosis and fault analysis.
Consider that in a system the majority of relays are digital, new substations have SCADA systems, etc.
Stefanos Sofroniou

PAC World:
Dear Stefanos, we hope that all readers that have any information to share regarding your questions are going to send it to PAC World, so it becomes available not only to you, but also to any other readers that might be interested.

Thank you for sending the PAC World magazine. I enjoyed it a lot. Particularly the Rogowski coil's article, Mr. Sabato's interview and the PAC History section. It's a very interesting magazine, because it's not just a technical one. Congratulations.
João Ricardo da Mata Soares de Souza

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