Industry News

AREVA T&D opens North American Center of Excellence

In order to optimize the service level for its Protection and Substation Automation customers in North America, AREVA's Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Division has created a center of excellence at its existing site in La Prairie, Quebec.As of December 1st, 2007, Protection, Substation Automation and associated service activities, currently conducted out of AREVA's Bethlehem, PA facility in t... More

GARD 8000 IEC 61850 Compliant System

The GARD 8000 Communications and Relaying System from RFL Electronics, Inc. includes an Ethernet communication module that provides a "bridge" for substation-to-substation communications in an IEC 61850 application.The communication media between the substations can be any of the media GARD 8000 supports; fiber,T1/SONET (E1/SDH), audio-tone or Power Line Carrier. Alternatively, the Ethernet commun... More

Generator Protection Control

The SICAM & SIPROTEC Generator Protection, Control & Monitoring System is a complete ready to install solution for local plant power generation and distribution systems. The system is suitable for integration into most generator manufacturer's digital engine and voltage controls. It can be extended into other distribution switchgear lineups to provide complete automated logic control and interlock... More

Non-Operational Data Access

Accessing breaker wear, fault records and oscillography from relays is now easier through the use of a set of software tools for the Orion Automation Platform. An Orion Software Suite includes tools to: Access relays remotely, through OrionMake Breaker Wear, History and Short Event Summaries available to SCADAAutomatically retrieve, parse and disseminate Full-Length Event Report to enterprise PCs... More

Powerful Dynamic Range Test Equipment

OMICRON electronics proudly introduces the CMC 356, uniquely designed for the modern requirements of protection & control testing and commissioning/maintaining substations. It exceeds expectations with powerful, wide dynamic range current sources (1mA resolution, 6x32A or 3x64A or 1x128A rms @ max 6x430VA). Unmatched versatility: test high-burden, electro-mechanical relays (or an entire panel of t... More

Successful Site Trial of Toshiba's Ground-Breaking Relay

Toshiba's new line differential protection GRL150 has been successfully applied on a 33kV cable-feeder circuit with UK utility SP Power Systems. GRL150 is an advanced numerical relay which can act as a direct replacement for conventional analogue pilot-wire differential relays, connecting directly to the metallic pilots via integral 5 kV isolation without the need for external modems or other equi... More

Tough Ethernet Switch Operates in Extreme Conditions Without Losing Data

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) i s now shipping the SEL-2725 Five-Port Ethernet Switch, an unmanaged edge switch and media converter, Connect the wired Ethernet ports of four devices to an SEL-2725 using Category 5 shielded, twisted-pair cables. Safely link to a station Ethernet network with the fiber-optic port.The SEL-2725 is a tough, reliable solution for a wide variety of appl... More

Understanding Cyber Security Standards

Electric power system protection, automation and control devices perform many functions over different communications interfaces. This requires careful consideration by industry experts in order to ensure that all developed standards and recommendations can be successfully implemented without causing a decrease in the performance of any of the system components or functions. These are some of the ... More

Wide Area Coordination Study of Protection Coordination in the Transmission System and Boundaries

Detecting a lack of coordination before relay misoperations occur reduces risk of interruptions in service, brownouts, and blackouts. Automated Wide Area Coordination reviews are a practical way to increase system reliability.In 2006, Rede Eléctrica de España (in Madrid) conducted a wide area review of protection coordination in a large portion of their transmission network, including the boundari... More

Technology News

Impact of Sun Storms on GPS based devices

The impact of sun storms on electric power grids has been subject to many papers, articles and reports during the last two decades.System disturbances caused by solar activity can disrupt complex power grids due to the geomagnetically induced currents (GIC) resulting from the interaction of the Earth's magnetic field and ionized particles carried by the solar wind. Severe magnetic storms induce el... More

Microsoft "Surface" Puts People in Control

Imagine being able to place a relay on your desk, and the desk suddenly comes alive, pops-up the settings of the distance zones, shows the loading of the transmission line it is installed on and the apparent impedance seen by the relay, while at the same time your colleague is looking at the COMTRADE file from the latest relay operation.This and much more will be soon possible with the recently an... More

Wireless Power Transfer - it is Real!

I believe everybody was happy when we were able to get rid of all the phone and Ethernet cable and connect to the Internet using WiFi. But we still need to plug in all our electronic devices to charge their batteries. And with all of them having different adaptors, connectors, voltage levels, etc., they create a big mess around us. The dream for wireless power transfer is not something new. A team... More


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