Digitizing the Substation

Alstom’s MU Agile Analog Merging Unit

Within its digital substation range, Alstom launches the MU Agile AMU stand-alone merging unit, KEMA-certified to the IEC 61850-9-2LE process bus standard. The output of conventional instrument transformers (CTs and VTs) can be digitized in the yard with this compact, withdrawable and accurate device.
The MU Agile AMU is a cost-effective solution, designed for simple installation and configuration, with automatic CT shorting to consider the operational safety of substation personnel. Sampled value publishing is international standards compliant for truly open process bus communication. The same design of internal CTs and VTs is used as per Alstom’s MiCOM P40 range of IEDs, to ensure the accuracy and dynamic range of measurement, up to and including the most onerous of transmission protection applications.


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