RTDS Technologies - Record-breaking power system simulator at NARI/SGEPRI

Record-breaking power system simulator at NARI/SGEPRI

RTDS Technologies has been selected as the provider of a record-breaking expansion project to the real time power system simulation laboratory at NARI Group Corporation / State Grid Electric Power Research Institute in China. The project will give NARI/SGEPRI the world’s largest and most capable real time power system simulator, capable of simulating over 3600 three-phase buses and 20 HVDC links. The simulator will be a critical tool of NARI’S SGCC System Protection Key Lab, where it will be used for validating various system level control schemes, including wide area protection and control, AC and multiple HVDC coordination, and system stability control. NARI is among many of the world’s leading research, development, and testing institutes adopting the RTDS® Simulator’s NovaCor™ technology.

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