Presents RELY-TSN-PCIe at IIC TSN testbed in Germany

RELYUM attended the event “IIC TSN testbed Plugfest #10” in BoschRexroth, Erbach Germany, where the company presented RELY-TSN-PCIe, the first out-of-the-box solution for TSN that allows seamless implementation of deterministic Ethernet networks and abstracts user equipment and applications from these technical complexities. This device combines in a single device PCIe TSN Endpoint and TSN Bridge functionalities, and provides 3 external fiber or copper tri-speed Ethernet ports.  An effective development of these technologies shall offer a significant cost reduction in equipment, maintenance, seamless integration of advanced analysis services and a reduction of dependence on a single vendor.  RELYUM offers innovative solutions for networking, synchronization and cybersecurity in critical systems.

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