Is a Self-powered Relay Possible?

Fanox launches to market a new Self-powered Relay, starting up from low current values, unbelievable tripping times, and providing complete functionality in self-powering conditions offering current feeder protection features. Just a standard current transformer with 2,5 VA burden is necessary to get it.
This relay is an OC&EF relay including autoreclosing (ANSI 79) and breaker monitoring (ANSI 52) functionality, managing up to 10 oscillographic registries, 20 fault reports and more than a thousand events, communicating in both local and remote modes for integration into Smart Grids.
Even more, this model is available with withdrawable mechanic, so, with a live line maintenance activities can be performed just in seconds, in a safe and reliable way, as the relay itself makes the protection current transformers short-circuit.

Let?s start with organization in protection testing