Edmund O. Schweitzer III Inducted in the US National Inventors Hall of Fame

On May 2, 2019 Dr. Edmund O. Schweitzer III was inducted into the United States National Inventors Hall of Fame in the class of 2019. The event was hosted in partnership with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and welcomes as new inductees people who have made exceptional contributions to society, such as Edison and Tesla. 
The induction of Ed Schweitzer is related to his US Patent No. 4,300,182 “Metering and protection system for an A.C. power system,” which was filed on August 9, 1979 and issued November 10, 1981. The patent describes a system for electronically metering an A.C. electrical power system to derive performance parameters useful in revenue metering and fault protection applications.

Ed Schweitzer graduated from Purdue University with a bachelor’s degree in 1968, followed by a master’s degree in electrical engineering in 1971 and his doctorate at Washington State University in 1977.
In 1982, he started Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) in Pullman, Washington, today an employee-owned company, to develop and manufacture digital protective relays, which exist to make electric power safer, more reliable and more economical. In 1984 he brought to market the first SEL multifunctional digital relay, the SEL-21, revolutionized the power protection industry by providing fault locating and real fault data at a much lower cost to the customer than traditional electromechanical relays.
This was followed by many new innovations, bringing the number of patents that he holds relating to electric power system protection to more than 200.

A member of the National Academy of Engineering and an IEEE Fellow, Dr. Schweitzer received the IEEE Medal in Power Engineering in 2012.

For more information please visit the web site of the US National Inventors Hall of Fame at https://www.invent.org/inductees/edmund-schweitzer 

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