MicroWind Power - An alternative to large machines and wind farms

The continuously
increasing penetration of large wind turbines (for example 5 MW) is creating significant problems to electric power systems transmission and operation and requires investments in transmission lines or increase in existing lines loadability.  An alternative to large machines and wind farms is instead to use millions of micro wind turbines that cover some of the basic load in a house or small business,  and usually do not export power to the grid. One example of such micro wind turbine is Skystream  - a compact, user-friendly, all-inclusive wind generator (with controls and inverter built in) designed to provide quiet, clean electricity in very low winds.
Developed in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Skystream was designed from the start for homeowners looking for a quiet, convenient, affordable way to protect themselves from ever increasing electricity costs.

It has no batteries and connects directly to your home. When the wind is blowing, your home is powered (in part) by Skystream; when it's not, your home is seamlessly powered by your utility as usual.  During periods of strong winds, Skystream can actually produce excess electricity. Depending on your utility, your meter will spin backwards-giving you credit for a later date.
With a rated capacity of 2.4 kW, Skystream can help offset a household or small business' total energy needs. Its sleek, distinctive swept-wing blades and elegant form make Skystream an attractive addition to any home. Because it operates at a low RPM, Skystream is as quiet as the trees blowing in the wind.

The system includes the Skyview software that lets the user to monitor:

  • System performance
  • Check system health and
  • View energy production trends over time.

  For more information visit  :  www.windenergy.com








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