Western Protective Relay Conference, USA

The 34th Western Protective Relay Conference was held in Spokane, Washington, USA from 16 to 18 October, 2007. It is an annual event hosted by Washington State University and offers the attendees from many countries the opportunity to discuss new developments in power systems protection, as well as the application of such devices or systems in the field. The wide range of protection and protection related papers presented at the conference make it attractive to researchers and educators, technicians and managers, consultants and manufacturers' representatives.

As usual, the conference venue was the Spokane Convention Center. Approximately 600 protection professionals attended the conference, which makes it the largest specialized conference in the field. The attendees were from many countries, predominantly from the Western US. Papers about the application of protection technology in generation, transmission, distribution and industrial systems, and how it is used were presented.

The program committee selected 50 of the submitted abstracts to be presented over 3 days in 10 sessions. The opening and closing sessions were general and attended by all participants in the conference.

The remaining eight sessions were grouped in four pairs, thus giving the opportunity to the attendees to select the papers of interest. The advantage of this approach is that more papers can be presented at the conference.

The drawback is that some times both papers presented in the same time slot might be of interest to some of the attendees.

Following the paper sessions, the participants had the opportunity to visit the hospitality suites of many leading vendors in the field and discuss the latest demonstrated technology.

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