Power Systems Relaying

Third Edition

The third edition of Power System Relaying is a book that can help many students, as well as practicing specialists, to expand their knowledge and understanding of protection and its operation and impact, not only in the cases of different types of faults within the zone of protection, but also during abnormal system conditions and wide area disturbances.

The authors of the book are both well known gurus in the industry, with extensive experience not only as utility protection engineers in American Electric Power (AEP) Service Corporation, but also in teaching and active involvement in professional organizations like CIGRE and IEEE. This allows them to present the complex material and concepts in the book in a very clear way, while at the same time providing the detailed description of the different phenomena and the operating principles of various types of protection relays.

The book includes thirteen chapters and four appendices. The first nine chapters cover protection

fundamentals, distribution feeder and transmission line protection - including communications based solutions, as well as transformer, rotating machinery, bus, reactor and capacitor protection.

Each chapter offers detailed discussions of the different aspects of the subject, as well as examples, problems and references.

The recent blackouts in different countries around the world demonstrated the impact of protection on wide area disturbances.

Chapter 10 covers power system phenomena and relaying considerations and can be very helpful in understanding the dynamic behavior of the electric power system, steady-state, transient and voltage stability, the impact of independent power producers and islanding.

Chapter 11 then focuses on some advanced protection topics related to the protection of the electric power system - system integrity protection schemes, underfrequency and undervoltage load shedding, out-of-step relaying and adaptive protection. Hidden failures and the impact of distance relay polarizing are also discussed.

The last two chapters of the book cover a range of protection related issues, such as breaker failure, reclosing and single-phase operation, relay setting and testing, as well as operation analysis.

Discussions on fault location, oscillography analysis, COMTRADE and synchrophasor standards are included in the last chapter.

Arun G. Phadke and Stanley H. Horowitz
Published by Wiley & Sons, Incorporated, John
ISBN # 0470057122

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