Cyber Warriors

Herb Falk, SISCO, USA


The evolution of threats is occurring rapidly in cyber security.

Cyber Warriors: Learning from Physical Warfare

Valid issues are often raised about the cost of implementation of cyber security. However, if you continue to read the article there are some non-high tech actions that can be taken in order to provide better protection. In this regard, the issues of cyber security are often the same issues as physical security:

  • How do you detect that a person is not who they claim to be? In both the physical and cyber security realms, this is referred to as Identity establishment or Authentication.
  • How do you identify that a person has the right to access certain facilities? Access control and privilege management are very similar.

Certain information needs to be hidden.

So why is the need for cyber security so hard to convince people or companies? The answer may be found in something as simple as the history of human warfare. Human physical aggression or war has been evolving since there has been more than one human being. The reality is that the evolution of physical security, and its acceptance, has been millenniums in the making. In comparison, cyber security has only really been an issue since the advent of the computer digital modem (circa 1958). However, the evolution of threats is occurring more rapidly in cyber security than it did in regards to physical security. Therefore, the world has less experience in dealing with cyber security and the need to counter new threats occurs at a more rapid rate. The concepts to counter cyber security threats are re-treads/re-casting of concepts developed from physical security but using different technological solutions.

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