Final Thoughts

Make your choice

Every quarter we post a question on the PAC World web site and ask you to select an answer that will help your colleagues from around the world understand the trends in our industry.

Clear preference

For a few months we had on the PAC World web site a simple question:

What type analysis tools do you use related to protection and control?

The answers to the questions you can choose from and the percentage of responders that selected them are:

  • Short circuit and protection coordination: 56.6 %
  • Electromagnetic transient simulation: 9.1 %
  • Both: 30.3 %
  • None: 4 %

It is clear (and expected) that most protection specialists will use at one time or another short circuit and protection coordination tools. It is also encouraging that about one third of the responders use transient simulation tools, because with many new advanced protection relays available on the market their testing requires the use of electromagnetic transient simulation. The results from this non-scientific poll are shown in the chart to the right.

We would once again like to encourage you to participate in the survey inquiries. By clicking on an answer you can make an important cont r ibut ion to everyone's understanding of industry practices.

The new question on the web site is related to the main subject of the Autumn 2008 issue - cyber security:

What type communications do you use to change the settings of your relays?

You can choose an answer:

  • Unsecured modem
  • Secured modem
  • Secured Intranet/Internet
  • No remote change of settings

Please take a minute, go to our website, and click on your choice.

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