During the 2016 CIGRE Session in Paris, France Dr. Narain G. Hingorani from the United States received the prestigious CIGRE medal. It is granted every session year to maximum two members of CIGRE, in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the development of CIGRE (either administrative or technical achievement).
Earlier in his career Dr. Hingorani spent 6 years at Bonneville Power Administration where he was responsible for commissioning of the Pacific DC Intertie and advanced series compensation of AC lines. In 1995, following a twenty year career at EPRI, including the last 5 years as Vice President of Electrical Systems, Dr. Hingorani retired from EPRI and started consulting in Application of Power Electronics in Power Systems.

Presently Dr Hingorani provides consulting services in the areas HVDC, SVCs and STATCOMs, power systems and power electronics.

Dr. Hingorani is credited with originating power-electronics based concepts of Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) and Custom Power, for smart control of ac power transmission and distribution systems respectively. He has also done significant pioneering work in High Voltage DC Transmission Technology. IEEE PES has named two awards in his honor: Nari Hingorani FACTS Award and Nari Hingorani Custom Power Award. He was responsible for commissioning in 1970, the world’s largest and the first US HVDC power transmission project for transmission of 2000 MW power between Oregon and Southern California over a distance of 800 miles. He has helped many utilities in specifying, purchase and commissioning of HVDC Systems. Recently he has been involved in procurement of Trans-Bay HVDC Cable Project with VSC based converters and is presently helping Power grid Corporation of India on procurement of 800 kV 6000 MW HVDC Projects and STATCOM projects.


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