GridSoftware - Engineering Studio 2017

A comprehensive suite of IEC 61850 engineering tools     


Engineering Studio is used for system specification, system configuration, simulation, monitoring and troubleshooting of IEC 61850 based systems.

With third party Ed2 conformance testing of the MMS Server (SimLab) and Client (Discovery), along with SCT conformance testing of SCL Matrix underway, Grid Software’s Engineering Studio delivers an intuitive engineering workspace for true conformance to the Ed1/Ed2 IEC 61850 standard requirements. Easily focus on interoperability requirements without having to own the physical assets to test or validate a design. All services are fully supported including LGOS, Data Logging, Tracking Services, and File Transfer.

Engineering Studio is an invaluable asset for any business focusing on IEC 61850 designs, testing, and commissioning.

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BeijingSifang June 2016