IEC 61850 Substation Testing with Test Suite Pro

Download the latest release of IEC 61850 Test Suite Pro, the most comprehensive set of tools to cover all your IEC 61850 testing & troubleshooting needs in the lab, during the commissioning & in the substation.

The latest addition is the Logic Analyzer.  It can be used to collect a time sequence of values for hundreds of data attributes, saved for later viewing and exported as data files.  Any eight data attributes may be selected for display/ analysis at one time.

61850 Test Suite Pro can also address your testing needs by:

  • Simplify finding and viewing data across the substation
  • Monitor missing/duplicate/extra GOOSE streams from the SCL file
  • Troubleshoot potential SCL file issues
Power. Flexible. Easergy.
BeijingSifang June 2016