Alstom Advances in MiCOM P141-P145

Distribution Feeder Protection & Control

Alstom announces significant advances in its feeder manager IEDs.  Integrated functionality now permits control of up to eight switchgear elements, in addition to circuit breaker control.  To support the improved control capability, the hardware extends up to a maximum of 48 opto inputs.  Software changes include improving the sensitivity of standard residual ground fault elements.

The series carries the ‘P40 Agile’ performance mark, denoting that Alstom’s best-in-class P40 opto inputs are fitted.  These comply with the harshest norms for surge withstand, plus the ESI 48-4 EB2 standard.  Spurious ‘wiring pickup’ is eliminated, as wiring faults, switching noise and induction from parallel circuits are tolerated without misoperation.

Power. Flexible. Easergy.
BeijingSifang June 2016