Omicron's IEDScout: Optimized working with IEC 61850 devices

Version 4.00 of OMICRON’s IEDScout software tool now supports edition 2 of IEC 61850 and IEC 61400-25.

It conveniently visualizes the commissioning workflow and shows the description texts as defined in the standard. 

IEDScout supports protection and substation automation engineers, who work with IEC 61850 devices, in a variety of applications, such as: 

  1. Testing
  2. Commissioning
  3. Troubleshooting, and
  4. IED development

As the ideal solution for easy and manufacturer-independent IED analyses, it allows users to look inside IEC 61850 IEDs from any vendor and to work with multiple IEDs simultaneously.

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BeijingSifang June 2016