Siemens provides Smart grid remote terminal units for decentralized energy resources

With the SICAM SGU, Siemens’ Smart Grid Division provides a communications-capable field device, which can be used to connect distributed energy resources to a grid control or energy management system by means of communications technology. Used as an input/output (I/O) unit, SICAM SGU allows power companies and public utilities to control and monitor decentralized power generation facilities and power consumers via the smart grid remote terminal unit.

It can be used for bundling decentralized energy sources into a virtual power plant, for demand-response applications, and for setting up micro-grids. The integrated GPRS mobile communications card is also a cost-effective alternative to a fiber optic connection or to a separate external modem. Equipped with this card, SICAM SGU is able to connect distributed, renewable energy sources to control and energy management systems of all types.

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