Author: James Formea, Eaton, USA

The IEEE PES Power System Relay Committee (PSRC) held its May 2019 meeting in Cincinnati, OH. The Advisory, System Protection, Line Protection, Relaying Communications, Relaying Practices, Rotating Machinery Protection, and Substation Protection subcommittees of the PSRC all met, following meetings of more than one hundred working groups (WG), task forces (TF), and study groups (SG) of these subcommittees. Updates from each subcommittee were presented to PSRC’s Main Committee in a final session.
The Advisory Committee is promoting the IEEE PES PSRC activities globally.  It is facilitating global outreach using tools such as webinars, tutorials, trade publications, and other similar methods. The advisory committee is also strengthening PSRC awareness by preparing technical articles as may be required for the promotion of technical committee working group activities about the art of relaying, and the work of the PSRCC. 

Each technical subcommittee has numerous working groups that are working on new and existing standards and guides, a number of which are expected to enter a balloting stage soon.

PSRC Standards that are revisions to existing projects include the following:

  • Measuring Relays and Protection Equipment - Part 118-1: Synchrophasor for Power System Measurements (60255-118-1
  • Standard Inverse-Time Characteristic Equations for Overcurrent Relays (C37.112)
  • Guide for Protective Relay Application to Transmission-Line Series Capacitor Banks (C37.116)
  • Standard Requirements for Time Tags Created by Intelligent Electronic Devices - COMTAG(TM) (C37.237)
  • Guide for the Application of Protective Relaying for Phase Shifting Transformers (C37.245)

Projects that are currently in Balloting (Sponsor Ballot, Comment Resolution, Recirculation) include the following:

  • Guide for Protective Relay Applications to Distribution Lines (PC37.230)
  • Standard for Phasor Data Concentrators for Power Systems (PC37.247)
  • Standard for Analog Inputs to Protective Relays from Electronic Voltage and Current Transducers(PC37.92)

PSRC’s Relaying Communications Subcommittee (H) has started work on a Guide for Centralized Protection and Control Systems within a Substation (PC37.300, WG H45).  The subcommittee is also working on a Recommended Practice for Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) used in Substation Automation Systems (PC37.1.3, WG H46). 
In addition, there is a newly formed Working Group (WG H50) that is tasked to generate Requirements for Time Sources in Protection and Control Systems.  Subcommittee H Task Force work is well underway.  TF47 is studying the Impact of Digital Communications on Protection & Control Applications.  TF48 is developing Educational Material on Synchrophasor Applications, and TF49 is discussing a Tutorial on the Use of Packet-Switched Communication Channels for Protection and Control.

PSRC’s System Protection Subcommittee C is working on PC37.247, “Standard for Phasor Data Concentrators (PDC) for Power Systems.” It has been approved through the IEEE SA balloting process and is undergoing final SA editing. 
The Working Group on Microgrid Protection has successfully balloted its report through the C subcommittee.  This work will feed into the recently formed WG to develop this subject into Standard P2030.12 Guide for the Design of Microgrid Protection Systems.
Several C and D Subcommittee Working Groups (WG) efforts are being used to develop the new P2800 Standard for Interconnection and Interoperability of Inverter-Based Resources Interconnecting with Associated Transmission Electric Power Systems.  This work is coordinated through the new B-10 WG composed of the involved chairs and vice chairs of the WGs

Future PSRC meetings: Working groups, task forces and subcommittees will meet again at the PSRC/PSCC joint meeting in September 2019 in Denver, CO.  The PSRC continues to recruit additional participants to offer their expertise and knowledge in the areas of power system relaying. 
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Catherine Dalton is a Strategic Account Executive at EPRI. She has broad experience in the electric utility industry. She is a Senior Member of the IEEE, and an active participant in IEEE PES PSRC. She has a master’s degree in electrical engineering (Ohio State University,) and a MBA from the University of Dayton. Previously she worked for American Electric Power, Basler Electric, SEL and Beckwith Electric.