March 2014 Issue
These changes require a fresh look at what the protection, automation and control industry is doing to ensure power system security. We are not talking about the ability of the system to withstand cyber security attacks. We are talking about the ability of the electric power system to withstand contingencies without significant impact on customers and the stability of the system. For many people ... More


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Industry News

Alstom Grid - The Reason Family Joins Alstom

Alstom Grid announces significant advancements in its digital substation portfolio, following the acquisition of Reason Tecnologia. All solutions are standards-compliant, interoperating with IEC 61850-8-1 and -9-2 substation Ethernet networks, IEC 62439 PRP, and IEEE C37.118 for synchrophasor (PMU) functionality. This measurement and networking excellence delivers: RPV Digital fault record... More

Basler Electric

Revised Basler Motor Protection Application Guide A newly revised Motor Protection Application Guide is now available for download free of charge from the Basler Electric web site: Basler Electric developed this guide to simplify the process of selecting relays and relay systems to protect motors. Starting with minimum protection as a baseline, ad... More

IEC 61850 Interop

Starting in May 2012, members of IEC TC57 WG10 determined that there were several general areas of interoperability testing that needed to be investigated. Additional feedback from other vendors and users, including ENTSO-E, were taken into account. The UCA International Users Group agreed to sponsor the event that was held in October 2013. The IEC 61850 IOP focused on the following areas: ... More

new Smart Grid facility

CG inaugurates Smartgrids facility in Bangalore Avantha Group Company CG launched its state-of-the-art Smart Grid facility at the Global Village, in Bangalore. The Smart Grid facility will manufacture Substation Automation products and Distribution Automation devices for Indian Utilities. Commenting on the inauguration, CG’s CEO & Managing Director Laurent Demortier said, “This op... More

NR Electric Released PCS-9641 Motor Relay

NR Electric released the PCS-9641 motor relay for the protection, control and monitoring of various kinds of motors in solidly grounded, impedance grounded, Peterson coil grounded and ungrounded system. The new PCS-9641 features: High performance functional library Programmable logic Configurable I/O and Integrated frequency-tracking. It provides 11 current inputs, 3 voltage inp... More

OMICRON´s new RelaySimTest

Application-Oriented and Distributed Protection Testing OMICRON´s new RelaySimTest software allows CMC test set users to easily perform simulation-based relay tests independent of the relay type, manufacturer and detailed parameters. For end-to-end testing in the field, even multiple CMCs can be controlled from one PC, using a simple Internet connection. The time synchronization of the de... More


QUALITROL Turnkey Condition Monitoring Solution for Transformers QUALITROL® LLC announced the release of the 609 PDM system, an on-line partial discharge (PD) monitoring system for power transformers, based on industry accepted UHF technology. The 609 PDM is used to continuously assess the performance of insulation in power transformers so that corrective action can be taken before a... More


Performance, Flexibility, and Reliability Introducing the SEL-3355 Computer specifically designed to withstand vibration, electrical surges, fast transients, and extreme temperatures to meet or exceed IEEE 1613, IEC 61850-3, and other environmental protective relay specifications. With no moving parts or vents, the computer offers error correcting code RAM, single-level cell solid-state drives,... More

Siemens - High Impedance Protection Applications

Siemens has developed a PC software utility tool that will assist engineers. The software tool simplifies the calculation and specification process and provides a method for recording the data, saving the engineer time. The High Impedance Software tool has been developed as part of the Reyrolle software suite and is free to download from the website. Based on many years of experience in this fie... More

Technology News

Intel - Haswell processors

Computers play a very important role not only for browsing the Internet, creating different documents or engineering systems. They need to perform fast in advanced protection, automation and control related applications that may impose high-speed computational and graphics support requirements. Intel recently released under the code name Haswell the fourth generation of its Core i-series pr... More

Quantum Cryptography - successfully put to work for electric grid security

Wide area protection and control applications impose requirements for fast and trustworthy data communications. Recently a Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) quantum cryptography (QC) team successfully completed the first-ever demonstration of securing control data for electric grids using quantum cryptography. In QC single photons are used to produce secure random numbers between user... More

Cover Story

Design of System Integrity Protection Schemes (SIPS)

Considering the importance of SIPS to the stability of the power system, the IEEE PES Power Systems Relaying Committee WG C15 published a report “Design and Testing of Selected System Integrity Protection Schemes (SIPS) .“ The design of SIPS varies from scheme to scheme and is very different from the design of conventional protection systems. It even varies from application to appl... More

IEC 61850 Update

Where are we today with IEC 61850?

Now, ten years later, where are we with IEC 61850? I would estimate that in the meantime more than 5,000 substations worldwide are equipped with IEC 61850. So obviously, IEC 61850 can be considered as a well-established standard. While I was visiting DistribuTECH in January, I learned from a US utility that it had recently successfully commissioned its first IEC 61850 substation - on their own - n... More

Lessons Learned

Global SIPS Experience

Local protection systems arrest the propagation of the fast-developing emergencies through automatic actions and are applied to address equipment specific or local system problems. Local protection systems are not engineered to address large-scale power system problems, or to arrest the system from large scale cascading events. The trend in power system planning is to develop tight operating mar... More


SIPS in the Colombian Interconnected Power System ? System Integrity Protection Schemes

These actions are part of the Defense Plans aimed at preserving the electric power system reliability of any country. Defense plans are in general defined as a set of coordinated automatic measures intended to ensure that the overall power system is protected against major disturbances which involves multiple contingencies, generally not caused by natural calamity or common system faults. Defense ... More

SIPS Testing

Functional Testing of System Integrity Protection Schemes

Misoperations under non-critical system conditions may also result in the unnecessary tripping of multiple loads, in both cases leading to economic losses. That is why it is so important to ensure the correct operation of SIPS using proper testing and monitoring methods and technologies. Functional and application testing is the most widely accepted testing practice for protection and control s... More

Legal Issue

Smart Grid & Privacy

In an attempt to protect the privacy of Smart Meter data, the California Public Utility Commission has established new rules. A decision adopting rules to protect the privacy and security of the electricity usage data of the customers of Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), Southern California Edison Company(SCE), and San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E) was introduced. The decision spec... More

RAS System

A Real-world Implementation of Centralized RAS System

As a result of green initiatives and Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) mandates the generation interconnection requests in California from new renewable resources to the power grid have escalated dramatically in recent years. RAS/SPS has been a timely and economic solution to enable the renewable generation interconnection considering the cost of building and difficulty of siting new transmissio... More

The Guru

IInterview with PAC World guru Dr. Jim Thorp

PAC World: When and where were you born? J.T.: I was born In Kansas City Missouri on February 7 1937. PAC World: Did you grow up at the same place or somewhere else? J.T.: I grew up in Kansas City, only leaving to go to Cornell. I worked at Black and Veatch at the Kansas City Country Club Plaza summers as an undergraduate, but left Kansas City permanently when I started grad school. PAC Wo... More


Protection History

In power stations electronic calculators and computers have been in use for control already in the 1960s. In several power stations computers have been used for data acquisition, supervision, logging of events, starting and shutdown of plants and for optimizing of power. Especially in nuclear power stations the supervision of reactors was very expensive and caused huge efforts. For transmission ... More

I Think

Smart Cities - the basis for Smart Grid

Since last year I have become involved in the Smart Grid deployment in Dubai - one of the most comprehensive Smart Grid deployments currently underway. I was fortunate to work on the strategy for the Smart Grid in Dubai for the coming 25 years and it was during that work that I realized that building a Smart Grid to support a city like Dubai encompasses much more than just the modernization of the... More

Industry Reports


Chapter 1 describes the evolution of the power industry over the last 25 years. The changing character of the power industry, with its increasing dependence on the interconnected transmission grid, has created many problems, the most pressing of which is how to improve operational security. Recent events are described, showing that the analysis of so-called normal events, even though ensuring basi... More

Conference Reports

DistribuTech 2014, San Antonio, Texas, USA

DistribuTECH 2014 was held 28-30 January 2014 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas. It is the North American utility industry's leading smart grid conference and exposition that drew representatives from more than 300 utilities worldwide. The huge exhibition hall was filled with booths of different sizes and shapes showcasing products from hundreds exhibiting com... More

EEE Smart Grid Communications, Vancouver, Canada

SmartGridComm 2013 was held in Vancouver, Canada. The 4th IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications was held 21-24 October 2013 at the Renaissance Vancouver Harbourside Hotel. It is a forum to discuss all aspects that are relevant to smart grid communication technologies. Its main goal is to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia, industry, and government ... More

IntelliSub, Europe 2013 - Frankfurt, Germany - Boston, USA

The 2nd annual IntelliSub Europe 2013 was held 26-28 November 2013 at the Mövenpick Hotel, Frankfurt City, Germany. It was a three day event with a variety of activities designed to allow attendees to review and discuss smart substation implementations in the context of the evolving smart grid, and to provide some practical guidance and strategic insight to translate investment in subst... More

International Conference on Advanced Power System Automation and Protection

APAP2013 was held 28 – 31 October 2013 in Jeju Island, Korea. The International Conference on Advanced Power System Automation and Protection was held at the Hyatt Regency Jeju. The main goal of the 5th international conference was to establish global cooperation channels among researchers and engineers in the power system protection and automation field and allow them to share their expe... More

Western Protective Relay Conference, Spokane, WA

The event was held 15-18 October 2013 in Spokane, Washington, USA. The Western Protective Relay Conference (WPRC) is an annual event held in the second half of October each year in Spokane, Washington, USA. This is probably the largest specialized conference in the field of electric power systems protection in the world. It is an educational forum organized by Washington State University for th... More

Book Review

Wide Area Monitoring, Protection and Control: The Gateway to Smart Grids

First Edition System Integrity Protection Schemes (SIPS) are one of the main components at the top level of the protection and control hierarchy. They have been implemented for many years typically based on dynamic stability analysis of the impact of system events on the security of the electric power system. Synchrophasor measurements can bring SIPS to a different level by allowing them to... More


Art as an expression

by Jelica Polimac, UK We have different ways to express ourselves - through what we do when at work and what we do the rest of the time. Jelica paints... I was interested in art from my early age. I remember making drawings of animals since I was five. My art teacher during these years, a professional painter, would tell us an interesting story before setting up a topic for painting. I enjoyed... More

Final Thoughts
The millions of years of evolution have resulted in a wide variety of life forms with unique capabilities that allow them to survive in their continuously changing environment. For many years engineers from different fields have successfully looked for ideas of how to solve the different challenges that humanity is facing. The protection, automation and control community can also learn from natur... More