Alstom Grid - The Reason Family Joins Alstom

Alstom Grid announces significant advancements in its digital substation portfolio, following the acquisition of Reason Tecnologia.
All solutions are standards-compliant, interoperating with IEC 61850-8-1 and -9-2 substation Ethernet networks, IEC 62439 PRP, and IEEE C37.118 for synchrophasor (PMU) functionality. This measurement and networking excellence delivers:

  • RPV Digital fault recorders for analog and process-bus application, with PMU functionality
  • MU320 integrated merging units, for digitizing CT/VT inputs and handling hardwired binary signals
  • RT GPS precision time synchronizing, includes IEEE 1588 grandmaster clock
  • T1000 Ethernet switch for full digital architectures such as PRP, PTP and sampled value applications
  • Traveling wave fault location - pinpoints maintenance team attention within tens or hundreds of meters



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