IEC 61850 Interop


Starting in May 2012, members of IEC TC57 WG10 determined that there were several general areas of interoperability testing that needed to be investigated. Additional feedback from other vendors and users, including ENTSO-E, were taken into account. The UCA International Users Group agreed to sponsor the event that was held in October 2013. The IEC 61850 IOP focused on the following areas:

  • Engineering Workflow using: IEC 61850-6 Substation Configuration Language (SCL). Large number of explicit use case scenarios were developed, and tested, for top-down and bottom-up substation design, specifying how to utilize SCL to configure a system/substation.
  • Client Server: IEC 61850-8-1 specifies a wide range of services and configuration options for client and server communications. Additional tests and implementation agreements were introduced regarding: the use of SCL for Report for Report/GOOSE/Sampled Value Subscriptions, Controls, and Logging.
  • Generic Object Oriented Substation Event (GOOSE) and Sampled Values: There was a 25% increase in the number of test cases due to additional test cases regarding SCL and Edition 2 features.
  • Network Equipment: Testing continued regarding the interoperability and performance of a network that is constructed from multiple switch vendors.

The official report is expected to be completed during Q1 2014. The next Interop test is being scheduled for October 2015 with work slated to begin Q4 2014.

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