IEC TC 57 WG 17 Meeting

Golden, Colorado, USA

IEC Technical Committee 57 Power systems management and associated information exchange has several active working groups focused on different domains of the electric power system.

Working Group (WG) 17 is responsible for “Communications Systems for Distributed Energy Resources (DER)” and plays an important role in supporting their integration in protection, automation and control systems.
Working Group 17 had its first meeting for 2015 in Golden, Colorado, USA. The meeting was hosted by the Colorado School of Mines.  It took place January 20 – 23 2015 at the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department.

Members of Task Force 90-15 met the day before the official start of the WG 17 meeting to work on the IEC 61850-90-15 Technical Report (TR) which describes the concepts for the integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) into the electric power grid using IEC 61850.

The WG 17 meeting on Tuesday started with a plenary session attended by members of all task forces. It was followed by three days of working sessions on 90-15, IEC 61850-90-6 TR Distribution Automation and IEC 61850-90-10 TR Scheduling.
In parallel to these task force meetings members of TF 8-2 worked on Future IEC 61850-8-2: Specific communication service mapping (SCSM) to web-services.


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