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Many of you, our readers, travel to places that not everyone can see, and witness unique events and scenes.  You are amazed by the beauty of nature or the horror of disasters.  This is the place to share all of this.

Below you will see the best photos of the current issue our editors have selected for publishing. In this issue we are showing you some samples. In the future it will be the place for the winners' photos. They will be automatically entered into the competition for Photo of the Year.

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"'Power Across the Horizon'" by Sarma Nuthalapati, Principal Engineer, PEAK Reliability
Date of photo: February 6, 2018
Location: Hutto, Texas
Camera Used: Canon
Photo Summary: It is always amazing to see how Transmission lines take power for where to where ! Nature looks so beautiful and there Very High Voltage Transmission lines add their own beauty to it.

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