Authors: Eric A. Udren, Quanta  Technology LLC, and Catherine Dalton, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Membership Activity: 18 newcomers attended the PES PSRC orientation session on January 15, 2019.  Typical newcomer attendance is in the range of 15-25 for January, May and September meetings.

Publicity Activity:  Ongoing visibility in PAC World, IEEE flyers, and other correspondence are underway to continue to build on the 2017-2018 momentum for getting the word out regarding PSRC. Also, the PSRC marketing flyer, which was distributed in July 2018, will be updated for the August 4-8, 2019 General meeting in Atlanta.

Awards Activity:  Solveig Ward received the Board of Governors Award for her contributions to planning and implementing the IEEE Joint Technical Committee Meeting.
The following awards were announced or issued during the PSRC Main Committee Meeting:

  • 2019 IEEE Fellows:   The class of 2019 newly elevated IEEE Fellows includes three PSRC participants:  Jon Sykes for leadership in the application and management of reliable protection systems for electric power networks; Prof. Paul Lee for contributions to power distribution protection and automation; Prof. Bao-hui Zhang for contributions to power system transient stability prediction
  • Most Downloaded Technical Report in the IEEE PES Resource Center was PES-TR68 - Impact of Inverter Based Generation on Bulk Power System Dynamics and Short Circuit Performance. This Technical Report was a collaboration between IEEE/PSRC and NERC. It has the highest download count ever from the IEEE Re-source Center. PSRC Contribution by CTF34 Kevin Jones (Chair) and Gary Kobet (Vice Chair)
  • Outgoing Subcommittee Chair Awards include Eric Allen H-SC, Mike Reichard J-SC, and Don Lukach K-SC
  • Distinguished Service Awards were received by Outgoing Standards Coordinator Adi Mulawarman, and Outgoing Committee Chair Pratap Mysore PSRC Chair 2016-2018
  • 2018 PSRC Prize Paper Award was received by Mukesh Nagpal & Charles Henville for their paper titled: Impact of Power-Electronic Sources on Transmission Line Ground Fault Protection
  • 2018 PSRC Outstanding Technical Report was C20 - Impact of Voltage Source Converter (VSC) Based HVDC Transmission on AC System Protection with Joe Mooney (Chair) & Ian Tualla (Vice Chair
  • 2018 PSRC Outstanding Standard or Guide was I29 - C37.110 Revision of C37.110 Guide for Application of Current Transformers for Protective Relaying Purposes with Joseph Valenzuela (Chair) & Michael Higginson (Vice Chair)
  • 2018 Sponsor Recognition Award was received by MidAmerican Energy Company. This award was accepted on behalf of MidAmerican by Brian Harris General Manager of Delivery

Technical paper coordinator report:  Twenty-five transactions papers have been accepted.
C Subcommittee Highlight from January 2019 meeting (provided by Gene Henneberg):

  • Working Group C24 will present their work, Modeling of converter-interfaced renewable sources for short circuit studies in a panel session at the PES 2019 General Meeting.  WG members including software vendor representatives will participate

H Subcommittee Highlights from January 2019 meeting (provided Galina Antonova.) Approved standards that will be presented to the industry in summary papers:

  • IEC/IEEE 60255-118-1-2018 Measuring relays and protection equipment - Part 118-1: Synchrophasor for power systems - Measurements
  • IEEE C37.237-2018 Standard for Requirements for Time Tags Created by Intelligent Electronic Devices--COMTAG
  • IEEE 2030.101-2018 Guide for Designing a Time Synchronization System for Power Substations
  • On-going work for which industry participation is highly encouraged:
  • Recommended practice for Databases used in utility automation systems (PC37.1.2, WG H40)
  • Recommended practice for Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) used in substation automation systems (PC37.1.3, WG H46)

New work that was recently initiated:

  • Impact of digital communications on protection and control applications (HTF47)
  • Development of educational material on synchrophasor applications (HTF48)
  • Development of a tutorial on the use of packet-switched communication channels for protection and control (HTF49)
  • Requirements for time sources in protection and control systems (H50)

Future PSRC meetings include the following:

  • May 2019-Cincinnati, OH
  • September 2019-Denver, CO
  • January 2020-Jacksonville, FL



Eric Udren held different positions at ABB, Eaton Electrical, and KEMA.  He programmed the world’s 1st digital relay and led development of the 1st LAN-based substation P&C system. Eric is IEEE Life Fellow, and twice a chair of the RCS of the IEEE PSRC.  He is US Technical Advisor for IEC TC 95; and a member of the IEC TC 57 WG 10.  Eric serves on the NERC SPCS and Relay Maintenance Standard Drafting Team.  He has over 90 papers and book chapters and 7 patents. Since 2008 he is Executive Advisor with Quanta Technology, LLC.

Catherine Dalton is a Strategic Account Executive at EPRI. She has broad experience in the electric utility industry. She is a Senior Member of the IEEE, and an active participant in IEEE PES PSRC. She has a master’s degree in electrical engineering (Ohio State University,) and a MBA from the University of Dayton. Previously she worked for American Electric Power, Basler Electric, SEL and Beckwith Electric.

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