Reliable Computing for Substation Automation

rugged substation automation PC – RSAPC

With its unique thermal management system, the Welotec RSAPC allows to operate in environments with up to 75°C (167°F)

The RSAPC is built by Welotec to bring Server grade performance, reliability and security to the harshest operating environments and meet the stringent certification requirements for substation automation.

To bring reliable computation to demanding substation environments, the RSAPC offers highly reliable wide temperature ECC memory, solid states drives and an effective thermal management system, utilizing heat pipes to remove heat and a heating system to ensure reliable boot at sub-zero temperatures.

With its high-performance Intel Xeon quadcore/octathread processor, vPro Remote management support and integrated TPM 2.0, the RSAPC offers advanced security and management features on top of silent operation without moving parts.

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