Interview with PAC World guru Jiri Bermann

Interview with PAC World guru Jiri Bermann

PAC World: When and where were you born?
J.B.: February 15, 1948; Trutnov, Czech Republic.

PAC World: Where did you go to school?
J.B.: 1955-63: Primary school in Trutnov. 1963-67: Technical high school in Jičín - Specialization in Electrical Machines and Apparatuses

PAC World: Did you have any specific interests while in school?
J.B: In primary school I liked physics and chemistry the most. In parallel with school I also attended music school (I played violin, clarinet as a member of violin ensemble and a brass band). I was also interested in cars, photography, cycling and swimming.

PAC World: Do you remember anything from your childhood that contributed to becoming an engineer?
J.B.: I dreamed of being a car developer.


PAC World: Was there a person that had the most influence on you when you were growing up?
J.B.: My role model was my father - a great technician with huge general and cultural insight (an active amateur musician, astronomer - he designed and built his own telescope). He graduated from the Czech Technical University in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. After the II World War he became head of the development department of protection relays in Křizik factory (later ZPA) in Trutnov. He filed several patents.

There were also physics and chemistry teachers in the primary school as well as teachers of technical subjects of the technical high school and the university and professors who influenced my career orientation.

PAC World: Why did you decide to go to a technical high school?
J.B.: I started with a mechanical engineering school with the vision of being a car designer. But I realized that I would lose connection with electricity completely, so I began to observe the interconnection of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering and in the middle of the first year of studies I switched to “electrical machinery and apparatuses” specialization. There I liked the fact that the equations of electricity and
mechanics were the same.

PAC World: When and why did you decide to continue your education?
J.B.: Already during primary school I dreamed of a technical university with a focus on cars. Although I switched from cars to electrical machines and apparatuses, the interest was similar. I wanted to know things better – to be able to develop and calculate them.

PAC World: How did you choose a university to go to?
J.B.: I carried on studying the connection of electrical and mechanical engineering - electrical machines and apparatuses. ČVUT had a grade and was the closest university.

PAC World: Did you study electric power systems or protection while in university?
J.B.: Yes, it was part of the energy subjects. The electrical machines and devices specializations were separated in the 4th and 5th years of studies. There were also protections included in that branch.

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