Solar Site Controller -solutions for centralized management

Integration of renewable energy resources with the electric power grid is one of the challenges that the protection, automation and control industry faces today.  The Solar Ware® Main Site Controller (MSC) provides centralized management of Utility-Scale Photovoltaic Installations offers the industry a very advanced grid management. The MSC provides overall coordination and control of the PV plant by providing access to complete information regarding the plant's power production. The MSC also operates multiple Solar Ware® inverters. The Solar Main Site Controller's features include:

  • Single point access to the status of all inverters
  • Power Limit Reference Control that can enable or disable the site-wide power limit function
  • Slew Rate Control that smoothes spikes in power output caused by events related to start-up and shut-down, power limit changes, etc.
  • Power Factor Compensation - based on power generation feedback from the Power Optimization network, the MSC calculates a reactive current reference for each inverter so that the total power factor does not change with load
  • Reactive Power Reference - the MSC provides a fixed amount of VARs to the grid


Screen displays show status of the entire site, and allow configuration of the site rated power. Trend displays show details of the MSC operation, VAR output, average inverter voltage and site power limit.

A typical installation consists of multiple Solar Ware® stations, configured with multiple power channels. The power channels include Power Optimization and a DC box.  The MSC continually monitors all the solar inverters at the site and adjusts commands in order to accomplish site-wide power quality goals.

The Human Machine Interface includes:

  • Site Status Panel
  • Systems Setting Panel
  • Site Trend Panel

These interfaces allow easier monitoring and control of the operational status.

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