5th International Scientific and Technical Conference

The event was held in Sochi – the largest resort in the Russian Federation.

The 5th International scientific and technical conference "Actual trends in development of Power System Relay Protection and Automation" was held 1–5 June 2015.  The venue of the conference was the Radisson Lazurnaya Hotel.
The conference was organize by the Russian National Committee of CIGRE, JSC System Operator of the United Power System (SO-UPS) and JSC Russian Relay Engineering Research Institute (VNIIR).

The main goal of the conference is the discussing of the current state of the technology and the development perspectives of the field of power system protection, automation and emergency control systems. The presented papers identified principle trends and methods for improving the performance and increasing reliability of PAC systems based on the state-of-the-art of the latest industry innovations.

The conference program included a rich selection of papers and discussions, a social program and a technical tour.
Participants in the conference included leading international experts and Russian professionals in this field, as well as representatives of CIGRE Study Committee B5 ‘Relay Protection and Automation’ and the RNC CIGRE B5 Sub - Committee.  

Relion advanced protection & control.
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