Sifang Merge Unit

CSD-60x series MU (Merge Unit) is merging and synchronizing the sampling data and transmitting to bay level IEDs via process bus. It supports both NCIT (Non-Conventional Instrument Transformer) and CIT (Conventional Instrument Transformer).

  • Analog input sampling rate: 4000Hz
  • Digital input: multiple channel of digital input
  • SV input and output: IEC 61850-9-2, optical 10/100M Ethernet, multimode, LC interface
  • FT3 input and output: IEC 60044-8, optical 10/100M Ethernet, multimode, ST interface
  • Synchronization interface: optical, multimode, ST for IRIG-B, LC for IEEE1588, precision is 1us, time keeping is 4us/10min
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