IEEE Power and Energy Society Reorganization

The IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES) is reorganizing its technical committees to address committee overlap and lack of technology coverage.

Three extensive surveys of the committees determined how each viewed their technology coverage.  Several changes were identified: six or more committees indicated similar technology coverage - signifying overlap; other technologies showed limited or no coverage.  
A task force proposed re-alignment and new committees.  At the PES General Meeting in Denver, CO July 26 - 30, 2015, town hall meetings reviewed the proposals.

The area likely of highest interest to PAC World readers surrounds power system communications and relaying, where the former was identified with extensive overlap.  One area identified without adequate coverage is security - both cyber and physical security. 
A proposal resulted for a new committee whose focus is on grid communications and cyber security.  The new committee is being formed from:
All of Power System Communications Committee
Part of Power System Relaying Committee’s Relaying Communications H Subcommittee
Part of Substations Committee’s Data Acquisition, Processing and Control Systems C0 Subcommittee

The PSRC is considering the addition of the remaining portion of the Data Acquisition, Processing and Control Systems C0 Subcommittee.
All of the most recent proposed changes are addressed at the reorganization's website, including name changes, scope changes, and the presentation slides for all of the town hall meetings.  

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