IEEE PES - Outstanding Technical Report

The IEEE PES Outstanding Technical Report Award for 2015 is given to the “Use of Synchrophasor Measurements in Protective Relaying Applications” report produced by the Power System Relaying Committee.

Jim O’Brien, Chair and Alla Deronja, Vice Chair were the officers of the working group that produced the report. 

The Members of the working group were:
Alex Apostolov, Andrew Arana, Miroslav Begovic, Sukumar Brahma, Gustavo Brunello, Fernando Calero, Herb Faulk, Yi Hu, Gary Kobet, Harold Kirkham, Yuan Liao, Chih-Wen Liu, Yuchen Lu, Don Lukach, Ken Martin, Joe Mooney, Jay Murphy, Krish Narendra, Damir Novosel, Mahendra Patel, Elmo Price, Sinan Saygin, Veselin Skendzic, Rick Taylor, Demetrios Tziouvaras, Solveig Ward.

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