7SR45 numeric device

Siemens announce the launch of the new 7SR45 Argus -
Self-powered Overcurrent Relay

The 7SR45 numeric device has been developed as the successor to the well established 7SJ45 relay and is part of the 7SR Argus family. The Self Powered Overcurrent and Earth Fault Relay is developed using the latest generation of hardware technology and is available in two variants depending on the CT configuration.
The new device is primarily designed for use in Ring Main Units and has both definite time and inverse time overcurrent & earth fault protection functions.

The four current inputs are designed to ensure sensitivity with a minimum operate setting of 0.2 x In.
The 7SR45 relay does not require an auxiliary voltage supply as it imports its power supply from the current transformers. The 7SR45 is housed in a 4U high, size 4 non draw-out case and provides protection, monitoring, instrumentation, and metering with integrated input & output logic and fault reports.

The relay functionality can be configured via a front USB port for local PC connection. By using the Reydisp evolution software, the user can update the settings and view the fault records (trip log) and the event records (event log).

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