Alstom Grid

Dedicated Numerical High Impedance Busbar Protection with the MiCOM P14x Series


Alstom launches the complete high impedance busbar protection application in its P40 Agile range.  The P141-P145 models now include dedicated features derived from many decades of industry leadership in busbar products MCAG, MFAC and MVTP.

The differential scheme achieves precise and selective protection, honed from extensive suites of RTDS testing.  Supervision of CT secondary circuits is achieved using new sensitive overvoltage elements, drawing on Alstom’s MVTP legacy.  In-out zone switching and lockout trip contacts are implemented using function keys and powerful programmable logic.

Platform features such as binary inputs compliant to ESI 48-4 EB2, and newly-introduced HSR redundancy add to the attractiveness of P14x as a universal substation device, suitable for feeder, load-shedding and busbar applications.

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