Triangle MicroWorks

New Tool for Simulating the Communications of PAC Systems

Triangle MicroWorks has released the Distributed Test Manager (DTM) which is designed to simulate the communications and data models of substations and other power systems.  DTM can simulate multiple Clients/Servers and Publishers/Subscribers on hosts distributed across a network. 

Simulations are created by importing device data models and communication configurations, simulating data transitions with CSV file playback, modeling device behavior with scripting or flow charts, and visualizing data with custom displays. 
Simulated devices can be configured based on IEC 61850 SCL Files, DNP3 Device Profiles, or CSV Files. 

DTM supports a mix of simulated and real devices.  DNP3, IEC 61850, GOOSE, Sampled Values, IEC60870-5, and Modbus protocols are all supported. 

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