Remote PC Access - work from home or while traveling

We live in a world that is more and more defined by technology and characterized by our mobility and at the same time the threats of cyber-attacks. That is why the availability of secure software tools that allow us to access a computer from anywhere and any device that we use is very important, and we should try to use the best.

The Gold Award Winner from the review of the top ten remote PC access tools for 2015 is GoToMyPC.  It is developed by Citrix Online - a company with a long history (at least in today’s terms) which is a globally recognized leader in the field.  It lets the user remotely control a computer, hear the sounds, transfer files, and invite others to view and assist from anywhere in the world, while at the same time being very secure and user friendly. GoToMyPC is based on the principle Software as a Service, meaning that it is web native and Citrix Online hosts and operates everything on their server. It does not require permanent client software or a network change. A resizable viewer, launched from any browser on an Internet connection enables interactive access to any desktop application. The file transfer feature sends and receives files, folders and directories, including those located on LAN-connected file shares. Third parties can even be granted temporary access to a GoToMyPC-enabled desktop with guest invite.

GoToMyPC’s client viewer and host are designed from the ground up for efficient, secure communication over any network interface. Keyboard, mouse and display updates are transmitted over a highly compressed, encrypted stream, providing the required security.  

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