IEC 61850 - The Implementations

by Walter Schossig, Germany, and Thomas Schossig, OMICRON electronics GmbH, Austria

In the last issues the way to IEC 61850 was described. We explained the activities of UCA and EPRI, covered MMS. Ethernet entered the substation and first interoperability events took place. Later the history of GOOSE was covered. Now we are going to describe implementations in Intelligent Electronical Devices (IEDs) delivered as standard equipment for substations.
Later we will talk about experiences in multivendor projects showing the interoperability capabilities of the standard and describe selected technical solutions. The information is based on selected material and statements delivered by the different vendors or is taken from the Internet. Naturally this article makes no claim to completeness. Vendor’s information are randomized, neither considering chronological order nor rating them. Any comments and further inputs are most welcome. More