Smart Wires - Towards a Dynamic Grid

The large scale penetration of variable renewable energy resources in areas remote from large load centers presents significant challenges to energy management systems in their efforts to ensure an optimal power flow. Improving the efficiency, reliability and security of the electric power grid are the main characteristics of the Smart Grid and the Dynamic Grid is one of its future components. It allows the grid to respond to the changing system conditions in real time by giving the system operator precise, granular control of the power flows within their network. Smart Wires, a California, USA based company, is currently working with over 25 of the world’s largest and most respected utilities, to identify an ideal path toward building the Dynamic Grid based on three components:

  • PowerLine GuardianTM function based on distributed series reactors installed along the transmission line and attached directly to the conductor
  • Power RouterTM  builds upon the success of the PowerLine GuardianTM. Using revolutionary power electronics, the Power Router increases or decreases line impedance, enabling real-time power flow control
  • PowerLine CommanderTM is the control and data aggregation software providing a hierarchical solution to reliably monitor and optimize the system. Using highly encrypted communications, it represents the interface between the utility operations center and the Smart Wires in the field.  PowerLine Commander can be directly integrated with the utilities EMS.
  • Using the above tools allows the grid to:
  • Improve utilization of all in-place assets - up to 30% - while increasing operational reliability
  • Quickly react to changes in generation and access more power from new resources while decreasing dependence on less favorable generators
  • Route power around asset losses and continue delivering service to more customers even in the face of unexpected events

Achieve advanced grid functionality while providing world-class, high-value service to your customer 

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BeijingSifang June 2016