IEEE Communications Society - ComSoc

For the more than ten years of the PAC World magazine's existence we have covered industry news related to the PAC industry, as well as industry organizations such as the IEEE Power and Energy Society.
However, with the digitalization of the electric power grid communications become a key component of PAC systems, so even that we already have a Communications & Cyber Security Committee within the PES, it becomes necessary to follow the developments in the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc).

Founded in 1952 with the formation of IRE’s (the Institute of Radio Engineers) Professional Group on Communications Systems (PGCS), the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) has evolved into a diverse group of global industry professionals with a common interest in advancing all communications technologies. Members interact across international and technological borders to:

  • Produce publications
  • Organize conferences
  • Foster educational programs
  • Promote local activities
  • Work on technical committees

Since IEEE ComSoc began operations in January 1972 as an independent Society of The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) with over 8,800 members, IEEE ComSoc has become the premier international forum for the exchange of ideas on communications technologies and information networking.
To access the IEEE ComSoc website please go to  

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