CIGRE Study Committee B5

Author: Richard Adams, Ramboll, UK

News from CIGRE Study Committee B5 Protection and Automation

The SC B5 Colloquium was held in Tromsø, Norway, 24-28th June 2019, with more than 135 delegates. A tutorial was held covering the two topics below:

  • Impact of geomagnetic storms on protection
    • Physical Phenomena - Dr. Paal Brekke (NO)
    • Impact on Power Systems and Mitigation Techniques - Stein Ingebrigtsen (NO)
    • Impact on Instrument Transformers and Protection - Dr. Normann Fischer (CA)
  • Precision Time Protocol PTP
    • Principles and applications of Precision Time Protocol PTP - Roman Graf (CH)

The following Preferential Subjects were discussed:

  • PS1 - Leveraging PMU data for better Protection, Automation and Control Systems
    • Special Reporter: Rafael Fernandes (BR)
  • PS2 - Time in Protection Applications - Time sources and distribution Methods.
    • Special Reporter: Dr. Yubo Yuan (CN)
  • PS3 - Future technologies for inter-substation communication, Migrating Digital, Teleprotection Channels to Packet-Based Networks.
    • Special Reporter: Dr. Fred Steinhauser (AT)

There were 29 received contributions for PS1, 34 for PS2 and 16 for PS3 as well as spontaneous contributions at the end of each session.
At the SC B5 annual meeting three new Working Groups were voted to be formed as follows:

  • PACS Communication requirements for inter-substation and wide area applications
  • Experiences and future trends related to functional integration
  • Modelling of Protection Systems for Power System Planning

The Terms of Reference for each group are to be finalized shortly before enlisting members and commencing work.
It was announced that the two Special Reporters for SC B5 technical session during the Paris meeting in 2020 will be as follows:

  • PS 1 Human Aspects in Protection, Automation and Control Systems (PACS)
    • Simon Hussey (IE)
  • PS 2 Communications Networks in Protection, Automation and Control Systems (PACS): Experience and Challenges
    • John Wright (GB)

During the Colloquium Dinner, the Outstanding Service Award for SC B5 2019 was awarded to former SC B5 Chair, Iony Patriota de Siqueira from Brazil.
Other Social events during the week included a Welcome Reception at “Rorbua” pub, Dinner, Barbecue Dinner at Sommarøy Island and the SC B5 Dinner at Villmarkssenteret, surrounded by nature and over 300 cuddly Alaskan huskies and puppies!
The latest Technical Brochure published (768) is entitled “Protection Requirements on Transient Response of Digital Acquisition Chain.”

The Brochure covers a number of aspects related to the required transient response of a complete Digital Acquisition Chain as this became an important issue with the development of IEC 61850 based substations using Stand Alone Merging Units (SAMU) and / or Non-Conventional Instrument Transformers (NCIT) and featuring IEC 61850-9-2 process bus together with Algorithmic Digital Signal Processing for Protection, Automation and Control functionality.
The most important influencing factors for their reliable operation have been examined and presented as the main requirements to different elements of the complete Digital Acquisition Chain.

The brochure can be downloaded free of charge by CIGRE members from the e-Cigre web site and can be purchased by non-members. 


Richard Adams is a Principal Engineer with Ramboll in UK. He has a degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering and is a Fellow of The Institution of Engineering and Technology. He is a member of the organizing committee for DPSP (Developments in Power System Protection) conference and chair for DPSP 2020. He is currently Secretary for CIGRE Study Committee B5, having been involved in CIGRE since 2003, initially as UK Regular Member, then later as a member of the Strategic Advisory Group. He is also convenor for Working Group B5.41 (Improved Metering Systems for Billing Purposes in Substations). Richard is married with three children and likes to get out walking if there’s time.