CIGRE B5 Colloquium, Madrid, Spain

CIGRE B5 Colloquium, Madrid, Spain

The CIGRE B5 Colloquium is biannual event held in different countries around the world. The capital of Spain, Madrid, hosted the Annual Meeting and Colloquium of CIGRÉ Study Committee B5 from 15th to 20th of October 2007. This event is held every two years in different venues all over the world with a worldwide perspective and participation. The 2007 event venue was the Palacio de Congresos de Madrid (Madrid Congress Hall), located in the heart of Madrid. The city is very well known for its rich history and intense cultural and artistic life.

More than 250 professionals attended - half from utilities, one third from manufacturers and the remaining - consultants, educators and researchers. The program also allocated time for working and activity groups meetings, as well as a half-day Tutorial.

The Colloquium was held on 17 - 18 October 2007. All accepted papers were related to one of the three preferential subjects (PS). In CIGRE Technical Discussion sessions, the paper authors do not actually present their papers.
Each discussion session is based on questions raised by the Special Reporter in his report, published before the colloquium and available to the registrants along with the papers. Authors of accepted papers presented them in a poster session.

  • PS 1: "New Trends on Bus Bar protection" Special Reporter: Zoran Gajic (Sweden)
  • PS 2: "Acceptable Functional Integration in Substation P&C for transmission Systems"- Special Reporter: Iñaki Ojanguren (Spain)
  • PS 3 : " P r o t e c t i o n o f Transmission Lines & Coordination of Transmission System Protection"- Special Reporter: João Emanuel Afonso (Portugal)

At the opening of each discussion session, the Special Reporter presented a summary of his report and the questions he had posed. Registrants who attended the discussion sessions made short prepared contributions in response to the special report questions. Spontaneous contributions were made at the end of each session, followed by the summary of all discussions by the Special Reporter.

In association with the Colloquium, a technical exhibition on the subject of Protection and Automat ion Systems complemented the colloquium.
Fifteen companies presented their protection and control products in stands organized in a special area adjacent to the meetings place. This was a good opportunity for the participants to learn directly from the manufacturers about the latest and most advanced devices and tools in the field of substation protection and control.

After the colloquium, interested attendees participated in a technical visit to the Renewable Energies Operation Center in Toledo.