Real Time Applications Using Multicast in Substations

Authors: Julio Cezar de Oliveira, Gustavo Forster - ABB; Walter Augusto Varella - CEFET; Antônio Eduardo Marques - UNICSUL

The Ethernet technology has been accepted with strong success since its creation in the 70s. That good acceptance also regards SCADA applications, in reference of electrical substation automation applications, displacing other process bus technologies such as Modbus and DNP, or forcing then to migrate to Ethernet based environments, such as "Modbus over TCP/IP" and "DNP TCP/IP". However, Ethernet was not widely used for real time messages delivery because of the impact of collisions on deterministic behavior. With the introduction of new aggregated standards like RSTP protocol, VLANs, speed increase and flow control in switched systems, the Ethernet become a reliable network technology for that application. Recently the IEC61850 standard has created opportunities for real time application over Ethernet networks in substations.

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