Lessons Learned

Third Party Tools for IEC 61850 substation modernization projects

(a utility perspective)

Vattenfall is one of Europe's largest utility with more than 1000 primary substations within its 10 to 220kV local and regional grids. For two decades Vattenfall has been purchasing digital substation automation systems (DSAS), yet the vast majority of the substations still have secondary systems consisting of electromechanical and static protection relays which are 15-40 years old. Now these relays are replaced by numerical relays which have shorter life-time (15-20 years). The company has therefore realized a need for a new concept to increase the replacement rate for secondary systems.    New substations are procured "turn-key" based on functional requirements, which means that a unique solution is obtained in every project. This makes both the project execution and maintenance a challenge for the utility staff. There is therefore also a strong demand to standardize the deliveries. From the beginning Vattenfall realized the importance of IEC 61850 in order to standardize solutions, increase the supply of equipment and allow full freedom in choosing and connecting different functions and devices to each other. More

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