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78th IEC General Meeting

The 78th General Meeting of the IEC was hosted by the Japanese National Committee of the IEC and the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee. It took place at the Tokyo International Forum (TIF) Tokyo, Japan, from 10 to 14 November 2014. The Technical Committee and Subcommittee meetings started on November 4th and continued until 15 of November. The theme for the Meeting was &ldq... More


IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 Intel Atom Automation Computers Advantech's UNO-4600 series come with a compact 2U  rack mount form factor, rear-end wiring, front panel LED indicator, and  environmental and EMI immunity specially designed for power and energy  markets.  They also come with Ethernet, USB, and COM ports, as well as PC/104+ expansion slot and substation domain I/O ... More

Alstom and Florida Power & Light

Critical Circuit Application Optical Current Transformers Detect Loss of Phase on Unloaded Transformers Alstom and Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) announce the first deployment of their jointly-conceived measurement and protection scheme for nuclear standby generator monitoring.  The protection problem to be solved was to detect at a remote location the loss of a single phase in ... More

NR Electric's PSCSTM

NR Electric’s Power Stability Control System NR Electric delivers the innovative Power Stability Control System (PSCSTM) to improve power system stability and significantly reduce possible blackouts. This technology differs from other System Protection Schemes (SPS) that it relies on instability prediction instead of instability measurement. Before installation, the tactic table is ... More

OMICRON electronics

Automated Testing of Recloser Controls CMControl, OMICRON´s easy-to-use control device for CMC test sets, offers several new features: For instance, its software for testing recloser controls is now available for use with Android tablets. When creating automated test plans, the newly developed PC software ReCoPlan is also supported.         &... More


Build full digital substations with SIPROTEC Siemens offers new Merging Unit SIPROTEC 7SC805 for conventional instrument transformers. This device allows conversion of existing substations to process bus substations without change in the primary equipment. This approach reduces cable complexity, simplifies workflows, and makes both new and existing systems – especially those with ... More


Whitepaper - Solving Electrical Substation Timing Problems This white paper by Dr. David Ingram and Brian Smellie explains how PTP can be used in substation automation systems to overcome incompatibilities and shortcomings of existing time distribution systems. The operation of PTP using the “Power Profile” is explained and examples of how PTP can be used in new and existing subs... More


Controlled Switching Devices for Medium Voltage CBs VIZIMAX is pleased to announce the release of its new line of Controlled Switching Devices (CSD) for MV applications. Utilities, Industries and IPPs use the SynchroTeq MV to reduce or eliminate transients caused by random switching of new or existing circuit breakers. Designed as a CB manufacturer agnostic product, SynchroTeq MV allows b... More

Technology News

SolaRoad - an inexhaustible source of green power

Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) are becoming available in the world around us in all forms and shapes. One of the latest is SolaRoad - a pioneering innovation in the field of energy harvesting. It is a unique concept, which converts sunlight on the road surface into electricity: the road network works as an inexhaustible source of green power. The dream is that all roads act like so... More


Unified Modelling Language The development and implementation of methods that can be used for the engineering of PAC systems requires the availability of tools that can be used to represent the systems’ specification. The Unified Modeling Language (UML) has become the de-facto standard for building Object-Oriented software. The OMG (Object Management Group) specification states: "Th... More
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