Evaluating Faults

Evaluating Faults with CBR - an Expert System

This article describes an Expert System (ES) centered on Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) that defines and characterizes faults that have occurred in the largest Colombian transmission company's grid, ISA's power network. It helps to process information quickly for power system disturbance analysis to determine the possible causes for a fault. ES is based on the construction of rules that characterize faults, which are created by disturbance analysis experts, with experience and knowledge in this field.

The expert system's rules were created taking only fault oscillographic records into account and not the operation of protection relays or CB operations. This methodology also enables the expert system to be easily transplanted into other networks. This study is part of the Diagnóstico Automático de Eventos (DAE), which is software for automated fault analysis developed by ISA. More

BeijingSifang June 2016