Lessons Learned

Disturbance Analysis in Brazil - Grid Procedures and Infrastructure

The transition of Brazilian electric energy industry towards a new regulatory model took place during the late nineties. Such a change deeply affected the process of disturbance analysis, which should migrate from a govern-owned environment to a scenario with strong participation of private utilities and the creation of an Independent System Operator (ISO) under the supervision of an Electric Energy Regulatory Agency (EERA). After some 15 years since the transition professionalism remained the same, but the real challenge stems from providing tools to all utilities and ISO, so the post mortem process may be eased and optimized.

The number of utilities, independent producers and free consumers has been rising exponentially, giving room to the junction of many cultures which shall be harmonized by the limits prescribed in the Grid Procedures. This is why the disturbance analysis process in Brazil has a sedimentary characteristic, making this subject a permanently evolving one. More

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