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Thank you very much for the PAC World magazine. The March 2013 issue was very interesting. The focus on generator protections is very interesting for me.

Actually, the theme for generator protection and the published articles are related to the current development of the protection systems in Bulgaria. In particular, typically the star point of the generator (respectively the generator voltage level system) was operated with isolated neutral (star point).
For more than 5 years some applications of new generators were made with star point grounded by resistor.

The other very interesting publication was for Prof. Dr. Arun Phadke - I was really impressed of this multitalented person. I guess he is a better painter than many of the “famous” contemporary painters.

Please receive my best wishes.
Dimitar Bogdanov,

PAC World: Dear Dimitar,
we are glad that you enjoy reading the magazine and finding useful and interesting information about our industry and the people in our community. Maybe you should share in a future article the direction that Bulgaria is taking in modernizing the grid.

I am an avid reader of PAC World and a Team Leader of field protection technicians here in Western Australia.
Westernpower is the sole transmission and distribution utility in the southern portion of Western Australia. Our section consists of 40 field technicians plus support staff. These field technicians perform both commissioning of new plant and maintenance on existing equipment.

As I am sure that you realize, due to the ever increasing system demands and the restrictions of line outages to perform secondary maintenance, then our technicians are at an increased risk of having an inadvertent trip. Failure to perform adequate secondary isolations is generally the root cause of a trip signal being sent to the circuit breakers that sometimes result in a loss of customers.

I am very interested in how others "measure and manage" these unplanned events.
Is it considered a "normal practice to perform secondary protection maintenance with the line still in service?
What is the "best practice" relative to this issue?
Do you have any statistics of " best practice" of unplanned trips?

Any commentary on this issue would be gratefully received, maybe this is an idea for a future article within the pacworld magazine.

Russell Tuia,

PAC World: Dear Russell,
We hope that the readers of the magazine that are involved in commissioning will be interested in sharing their philosophy and experience in testing of protection systems. We will definitely look at a future article, or maybe even an issue of the magazine dedicated to this subject.


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